Bigg Boss Season 13 Contestants: Name Pics Salary (Official List 2019)

Bigg Boss Season 13 Contestants names 2019 are published here along with their names and biographies.

If you're looking for BB13 contestants list with pics then your findings end here.
Bigg Boss Season 13 Contestants: Name Pics Salary (Official List 2019)
Bigg Boss Season 13 Contestants: Name Pics Salary (Official List 2019)
The Bigg Boss 13 is set to start on September and will end in December. The show will air from 9 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and weekends show with Salman Khan.

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There were 15 to 22 contestants participated in the past Bigg Boss seasons. Here is the Bigg Boss 13 contestants list:

Bigg Boss Season 13 Contestant Name & Pics 2019

Here is the Official list of Bigg Boss S13 contestants with names & photos:

[Official list is not uploaded yet. May, 2019]

Bigg boss 13 Contestant: Salary per day & week

Bigg Boss production spend a lot of money to keep the show interesting with dramas. Including, host Salman Khan and contestants, the Bigg Boss Team spend around 15-25 Crore every week, that too without any promotional advertisements.

Salman Khan who used to charge Rs 2.5 crore for the initial seasons, now got paid Rs 14 crore per episode for Bigg Boss Season 12.

Actors, Singers, & other famous peoples get paid anywhere between Rs. 7 Lacks to 20 Lacks based on their TRP ratings.

While commoners get paid around Rs. 3 lacks to 8 lacks based on their TRP ratings.

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How Bigg Boss Salary system works?

There are three simple stages of payment for every contestant of the Bigg Boss house.

Signing Amount

Each of the contestants are paid Rs.8 lakh after signing the contract.

Weekly Consideration

Until they get evicted, each of the contestants is awarded with a weekly consideration.

Contract , Penalty for Quitting Midway 

If a contestant leaves the show midway, he/she has to pay a penalty of  Rs.50 lakh. When Mahajan made his choice of quitting the "Bigg Boss 2", he was asked to pay the fine.

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Bigg Boss 1 Contestants name with Age, Profession, Biography 2019

[The list is not releaded yet.] You may want to check Bigg Boss starting date here.

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